The answer to losing weight!

Our program is called Putting Health at the Top (Ph@tt). It is just so simple. It’s a healthy living meal plan that assists your gut to function properly so the vili (vil-eye) can stand up from laying flat (caused by not having great nutrition).

When the vili function properly, they are better able to absorb the nutrients from food and the supplements we take. Once our body starts absorbing nutrients, it can start to release the bad adipose fats in your body. It does this in a manner that is fast but safe. As an added bonus, you will have so much energy.

The nutritional supplements are an integral part of the program. They support our body while on a low calorie meal plan that is comprised predominantly of meats, vegetables, fruit & water. It is this careful balance of food and nutritional support that make it possible to lose 10-15 kgs a month safely.

Other programs offer these results in 6-12 months and this can become hard as you lose focus and motivation as well as being quite expensive.

The Ph@tt program has helped just over 57,000 people in little more than 2 years. This means thousands of people are living MUCH healthier lives and are finding that now they are living with a healthier gut, the results are easily maintained.

The cost of the program is less than $9 a day. You only pay for your supplements. The cost is offset as you notice your food bill decreasing.

As a bonus, you get free support throughout your journey from your mentor, membership to our awesome Facebook group as well as access to heaps of recipes too.

So many people on the Ph@tt program have been able to reduce or completely come off medication. By healing the gut, you can reduce inflammation and cure numerous conditions.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with whoever sent you to this website and start living a healthier life!


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